We have been with Kieran and Lauren at UVH for a few years now, subsequent to an outsourcing arrangement from a larger vacation home company in the Orlando area. Early in the process, we were concerned about the possibility of losing the resourcing of the larger company. But after several months, it became apparent that having the attentiveness of a smaller company (at least one with attentive owners like Lauren and Kieran) was greatly to our advantage. We are not just a number in their system – we receive full service and a personal connection from Kieran, Lauren and the UVH team. We have been pleased that our guests have given excellent reports not only on the maintenance of our home, but on the responsiveness and friendly service they have received when interacting with Kieran on maintenance needs. Lauren and her team have been terrific in providing us with accurate accounting and answering questions to our complete satisfaction whenever they arise. We receive frequent offers from other property managers in the area for their services, but they now go directly in the recycle or garbage bin, as we wouldn’t even consider switching property managers!Test

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